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Need Help? Here are a few tips on writing your personal ads. Remember, the best way to receive more responses is to write an ad thatís exciting, interesting, honest and by attaching a personal photo that will light up a room.

Be Honest: Above all, be honest when describing yourself in your ad. No matter who you are, or what kind of person you are seeking you will have fewer disappointments and stand a better chance of finding the right person.

Describe yourself: First, you want to say a little bit about yourself but do not over-do it. Be careful not to simply list characteristics that you look for in another person. Let the reader decide if they would be right for you through your description. You can still mention a little about the type of person you are seeking but don't get too picky.

Details: Have you ever read an ad that says: "I like music, dancing and going out"? Do they mean rap or symphony music? Western or ballet dancing?

What you want to do is make yourself stand out from the rest. Give some examples of what you like. If you enjoy eating out say what king of food you prefer or if you like music give an example of an artist or songs that you like. These fine points or details may seem boring but they actually ad color and depth to your ad and are necessary for your listing to be effective.

Age: Be sure to include your age in the ad; if you do not want to give your exact age, narrow the range: "early twenties" or "mid forties" for example.

Be careful of stating an age range of the person you are seeking. Too narrow or too broad may limit the number of responses because people will be either hesitant to respond or be suspicious. The best thing to do is simple mention your age and avoid stating age ranges that you are seeking altogether.

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