child visitation rights book

Author of the Child Visitation Log Book

Janice M Todd

With her extensive background as a Psychiatric Technician and her knowledge about Parental Rights, Psychological impact of child custody battles and the importance of a two parent family, she has been hosted on several TV shows, Radio programs and as guest speaker at various group gatherings.

Recognized as

Who's Who of Women's Executives
(National Reference Institute '89-90 edition)

Current involvements:
  • Psychiatric Technician (25 yrs).
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist(2 years) and working on Doctorates Degree.
  • Studying Therapeutic Massage
Soon To Be Released

Janice Todd has written another outstanding book called:

"Quality Time"

The book is designed for the divorced parent who now has all the everyday responsibilities involved with raising children.

"Quality Time" will teach you all the little things about raising a family that are usually taken for granted because the other spouse always took care of them. Learn how to find a baby sitter at the last moment or what to do if your child becomes ill. This "How To" book is filled with tips and tricks from cooking to doing laundry.

If you would like to be notified when this book becomes available, please send your contact information by sending an email to: DMS

Please be assured that any contact information that you send will be strictly confidential and will never be given out to anyone for any reason. (C. Thom-DMS)

The book is currently at the publisher and will be available soon.

Child Visitation Log Book

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