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A fathers struggle with divorce and his child custody rights The author of this book has done an outstanding job of bringing out into the open, the injustice and socially problematic consequences created by our divorce court system. Mendelson focuses on a true story of a Harvard educated physician's journey through the divorce court system and the resulting injustices that he encountered during the process. A quote from the first lines of the Foreward, sets the stage for this compelling story and provides an avenue for showing the the social ills that our courts are creating. The physician is quoted as saying: I went to court to divorce my wife--Not my children. My wife seemed to have other ideas.

Anyone who is going to go to court with their marriage separation should read this book first. A Family Divided shows how our divorce court system is dogmatic in its policy and procedures resulting in the separation of the father from the lives of the children, simply because they were no longer married to their former spouse. It is this injustice which the author has exposed and the exhausting plight of millions who have been through the legal process.

Although it may appear that the book's message seems slightly one-sided, the author has gone to great lengths to insure the truthfulness and balance in this saga and every scene is supported with documentation.
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by Robert Mendelson

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